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Fairburn’s Failed Leadership

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Fairburn’s Failed Leadership

26 years of combined experience in Fairburn government

Vote HUDSON for Change!


· Failed to manage and protect the general obligation bond from misuse. The city manager and mayor who had CEO powers, allowed the overrun of 1.3 million dollars from the listed projects.

· Failed to garner a fair purchase rate for the sale of Duncan Park and sign off on a purchase rate of nearly 11k per acre.

· Outsourced the 911 dispatch center to their employer and

· Failed to establish guidelines to manage zoning, planning and land use.

· Expanded commercial development even when acknowledging the need to improve Fairburn’s infrastructure (YouTube, 2016).

· Advanced executive housing over creating opportunities to expand and rejuvenate Fairburn’s housing market (YouTube, 2016).

· April 2013 approved the purchase of five police vehicles without city council approval, however placed on the agenda July 2017 and presented to council for a vote.

· Campaign funded by the largest warehouse developer in South Fulton County and build board owner in Fairburn.

2017- Present

· Defunded the fire station by 2.4 million dollars;

· Staff turnover and complaints of hostile work environment;

· Poor community relations;

· Poorly management facilities;

· No investment in residential infrastructure;

· Failed to build the voted-on fire station;

· Failed to established guidelines to manage zoning, planning and land use, now causing a major concern with Durham Lakes resident and throughout the city.

My Plan for Investing in Schools

I will:

· Create a school and community task force that centers its focus on addressing educational inequities and holding the tax dollar to an equity standard.

· Developing and maintaining strong partnerships with our local school leaders, PTA, governance council, and state leadership is beneficial in garnering the resources needed.

· Give civic engagement opportunities to high school students and college students to create leadership pathways for Fairburn City Government.

Transparency that puts taxpayers at the table

I will:

· Provide stability in the budget process (making sure department heads have the appropriate training to command and control this vital role.

· Ensure that all public submitted documents are transparent and comprehensible to the average tax paying citizen.

· Implement Neighborhood Planning Unit’s (NPU’s) provide the official avenue for residents to participate in smart growth planning and development; giving taxpayers a seat at the table with planning, zoning and developers.

Improving infrastructure where taxpayers reside

I will:

· Stop piecing projects together and prioritize developing a master project to meet human infrastructure needs of Fairburn taxpayers (jobs, training, support services increasing entrepreneurship, supporting our small business).

· Prioritize improving residential infrastructure, (transportation, roads, water utilities, green space, facility upgrades, specifically the voted-on fire station).

· Prioritize corporate social responsibility policies that preserve and protect the quality of life for all communities in the City of Fairburn.

· Propose the construction of a multi-purpose water reservoir that is designed to serve residential, commercial construction and emergency preparedness.

· Propose the adoption of innovative energy solar electricity. This will save eligible homeowners money and create green jobs for Fairburn residents.



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