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I want to lead our city, Help me!

Leading Fairburn with a plan means having targeted initiatives that serve the tax payer and protect the quality of life. As mayor, I am committed to allocating the needed resources to improve our utilities, water quality and roads where tax payers live. I’m committed to working for you!

Tax payers need to know that the historical gaps in leadership have caused a direct threat to the quality of life for Fairburn.

  • the failure to build a new fire station

  • no investment in the residential infrastructure

  • no corporate social responsibility plans to hold warehousing accountable for investing back into our community,

  • over development of housing and no focus on smart growth planning.

Attend the next forum via Facebook live!

I’ts time for change! Old models and methods just won’t do it. What we have now is not sufficient.

I need your vote Nov 2. to change how we do business in Fairburn!

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