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Meet Samantha

My name is Samantha Hudson, and I am a 15-year resident of Fairburn and a candidate for Fairburn City Council.

I am a non-profit CEO, mother, educator and social worker with 22-years of public service experience.
Fairburn has given me so much, a place for my family to call home, a place that facilitated long-term growth in my life, and a community that I can be proud of.

Fairburn is a wonderful place to live, however it is not without its fair share of concerns.Fairburn also maintains an outdated city charter,a failing infrastructure and leadership that does not reflect the demographics of our community. Fairburn citizens have expressed feeling left out and unheard by our local government and local businesses simply don’t feel supported.


Our city deserves representation who will govern in the interest of taxpayers by listening and responding to their needs and giving them a seat at the table.

As Councilwoman I will prioritize:

  • Updating the city charter to ensure that it represents the current makeup of the community;

  • Establishing a strategic infrastructure plan for the city including a robust corporate social responsibility plan;

  • Ensuring that city leadership reflects the make-up of the Fairburn community.

My priority for Fairburn is to make our community stronger and healthier. As a councilwoman,  I will lead as your servant! With your support I will work tirelessly to make the City of Fairburn what we all want it to be. Over the years, I have established a reputation as a community advocate by facilitating civic engagement workshops, raising awareness about critical housing insecurities for youth in Fulton County, promoting voting education and organizing a water distribution during the 2022 winter storm. 


So, I ask you all for your support! Invest in me because, in turn, I will invest in all of us. I am sure we will speak between now and then, but I hope I can count on you to partner with me by casting your vote November 7, 2023.


 Let’s move our city forward together!

Join the Campaign!
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