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22 Years
of Public Service

Samantha L.  Hudson is a native of Chicago, non-profit CEO, mother, educator and social worker with 22-years of public service experience.


She is a 15-year resident of Fairburn and a Candidate for Fairburn City Council. Her philosophical belief is, “Change doesn’t happen until we act.”


Samantha has spent her entire professional career serving individuals, families, and communities. As a social worker and educator, she celebrates success in improving the quality of life for at-risk families, advocating against social injustices and for educational equity.


These efforts yielded success in:

  •  Increasing permanency outcomes for children in foster care.

  • Achieving 100% student growth in literacy and writing 2021-2022 academic school year.

  • Facilitating the first 2022 Midterm Primary Election candidate forum in Fairburn, GA with 17 confirmed and attended candidates.

  • Organizing water distribution during Fairburn, GA water crisis in December 2022.

As a social justice advocate who seeks to make positive impact, Samantha  is currently leading the following initiatives:


  • Increasing voter participation for Black disenfranchised voters.

  • Addressing the housing disparities for youth in foster care.

  • Addressing the impact of school discipline policy on African American students' achievement outcomes

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