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Update the city charter to ensure that it represents the current makeup of the Fairburn community.

  • Educate and engage the community about the antiquated city charter and the reason it needs to be updated.

  • Collaborate with the council to update the city charter to better reflect the needs of current demographics.

  • Secure the support and approval of state legislators, who will have to vote to approve the updated charter.


Establish a strategic infrastructure plan for the city, including a robust corporate social responsibility plan.

  • Collaborate with warehouse developers and the community to design an community-based corporate and social responsibility task force

  • Offer an incentive structure for businesses to support and invest in local educational and social programs

  • Advocate for warehouse developers/businesses to invest back into local infrastructure 

  • Establish a smart growth development plan for the city to be strategic about development in the landlocked Fairburn community

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Government Transparency
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 Ensure that city leadership reflects the makeup of the Fairburn community

  • Establish a culturally competent city government by recruiting diverse individuals to leadership positions

  • Partnering with local school district and colleges to establish a pipeline for city employment

  • Create internship programs at the city for local youth 

Investment In Our Schools
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